WineryRow is a partnership of a father and son, along with the best of vendors, and hundreds of insightful clients. This professional group brings  a magnitude of experience in manufacturing, marketing, wholesale and retail sales of consumer products.

Don Rothgery brings over 45 years experience of serving the independent retail marketplace with high quality unique products with his own label and with private labeling to thousands of retail stores and businesses in four countries. His forte is creative marketing that benefits the business owner and their clientele. He has an open mind, always listening to the needs of clients and associates. Don's philosophy is, whenever possible,  provide your clientele with unique products that broaden their "own" brand name recognition, not someone else's name.

WineryRow is blessed with the very best vendors. These highly professional vendors are an integral partner in making the WineryRow premise a great success! All share the same WineryRow philosophy of only doing  quality products.

The same holds true for WineryRow's cherished clientele.  Without their support and advise, WineryRow would not have grown nearly as fast nor prospered as much,  They sell the WineryRow products, and their feedback, with a responsive ear from WineryRow, is the key to continued prosperity for all the partners in this business loop.

James Rothgery brings 21 years of empirical knowledge as to the inner workings of the winery and gourmet food industry to WineryRow. He has been involved in every aspect of the wine making process, from the grapes to the customer. He has a unique feel for the needs of the winery and the gourmet food store atmosphere, knowing firsthand that gourmet foods and wine go hand in hand. James' forte is marketing and customer relations. He has a feel for the type of premium food products that the public-at-large are looking to buy. His knowledge and special rapport with clients has been invaluable to WineryRow and its rapid growth. RIP-My Son James-Born 4-9-70 Met the Lord 4-9-14

It is this infrastructure and professionalism of the WineryRow partners, that enables WineryRow to offer an array of unique products. They include premium bottled water, gourmet foods, organic teas, gift watches and lip care products. All are sold at competitive prices to the winery, specialty food store, business and special events marketplace.

Our goal at WineryRow is to be an asset to your business or event. We pledge to listen to your needs and ideas and then accomplish them with positive, responsive action!  That's a promise!

Thumbs Up! Winery Row