Why WineryRow for quality?
From day one, WineryRow has had to provide the highest quality labels for the very image conscience wine industry. Our art department treats every client has if they were a winery. WineryRow produces a first class product with the first earth friendly water bottle. Quality is second nature to WineryRow and our creative services are complimentary.


How much do I need to buy to get started on the five-in-one WineryRow program with the 16.9 oz?
A half pallet is the minimum. There are 36 cases of 24 16.9oz. bottles to each half pallet or 864 total RPET bottles. A full pallet has 72 cases of 24 16.9oz. bottles or 1728 total RPET bottles. That’s it! No more! Once the water proves itself to be a much appreciated asset by the client, we will provide additional water as they need it.


How much do we need to invest to get started with the 16.9 oz. size?
The initial investment for a full pallet is only $1084 and $720 for ½ pallet. On all reorders with the same label it is $934 for a full pallet and $571 for ½ pallet. A further break down of the details are: Full pallet 72/24 bottle cases (1728 flat cap bottles) at .49 per bottle. $846.72 plus CRV tax of $86.40 per pallet. A one-time $150 printing plate fee. Half pallet 36/24 cases (864 flat cap bottles) at .65 per bottle or $561.60 plus CRV tax of $43.20 per pallet. A one-time $150 printing plate fee. Pallet shipping is from $75 to $115 depending on destination in California, Nevada, and Arizona.


Is there a discount for using purified Water?
Yes, purified water is .02 per bottle less for both full and half pallets.


Do you have sport caps?
Yes, they are .04 per cap for white, black, or blue.


Do you have different colors for the flat cap?
Yes, we provide black, red, blue, pink, lime green or white at no charge extra charge.


What does CRV mean?
CRV stands for "California Refund Value," which is the amount paid to consumers when they recycle beverage containers at certified recycling centers. Any shipments in the state of California are assessed .05 per bottle and the money goes directly to the state.


Is there a price break if we order larger quantities?
Yes, when 3 or more full pallets are ordered we give an 8% discount off the cost of the water. 12 pallets or more is considered a truck load and a substantial discount is granted. We give an exact quote for truck load orders after we get all the details such as delivery instructions and how often to expect reorders.


What are the shipping charges? Based on delivering a pallet to the ground, we have a flat fee. In LA and Orange counties, it is $75. In San Diego County, it is $85. Riverside, Ventura/Oxnard/Santa Barbara areas are $90. Most other California, Nevada, and Arizona cities are $125. Inside delivery by the trucking company is an $85 extra.


Can we drop ship the water to special event venues?
Yes, just inform WineryRow that the shipping destination will be different than that of the client’s address.


What is the fee for creating my label and printing it?
We do not charge for any artwork or any creativity fee for coming up with the label itself. Like our five-in-one marketing campaign, we offer our creative services pro bono. A one-time fee for the initial full-color printing plate is $150. If the client opts to change the label at any time, it would be $75 each time a new label is created requiring a new full-color printing plate. The on-going printing of the labels is produced at no charge.


Why California Spring Water?
California is as powerful a marketing word as one can engender without spending billions of dollars. Think about it, California is one of the most powerful words throughout the entire world. California is associated with cutting edge thinking. Spring water is natural. California Spring Water is the Rolls Royce of water when compared to purified water. Purified water is pedestrian. California Spring Water is exceptional. Which would you rather associate your brand to?


What is a RPET bottle and why is it so special?
The RPET bottle is a bottle which is much greener and earth friendly than all other plastic bottles being used today. WineryRow is the first to offer this earth friendly technology for water bottles. It is FDA approved to be 100% safe, 100% manufactured from previously recycled material, and 100% recyclable. This new bottle allows WineryRow clients to attach themselves to the popular Green Movement.


Are the labels full color?
Yes, all of our labels are printed in full color on a completely waterproof polyfilm material. These labels will not bleed, run, bubble, fade, or peel off the bottle even when soaked in ice. Recycled paper labels are also available upon request.


What is the process to get the label created?
A WineryRow customer representative will contact the person assigned to handle the label by you to ideate as to what they want to achieve with the label. WineryRow will send .pdf files of sample labels once the proper data is gathered and work with you until the best possible label is achieved.


Does WineryRow accept credit cards?
Yes, Visa, Master, and American Express cards are accepted. A 3% credit card processing fee is applied.


How quickly can we get our first pallet?
From the time you approve the label, allow 3 weeks for the initial order. All reorders allow 14 business days.


Can I get another size bottle and still get the "Green Friendly RPET botle?
Yes, 8oz, 12oz, 23.7, also are RPET.  12 oz. 16.9oz are by far the most popular sizes.