WineryRow Green Friendly Marketing Campaign
16.9 oz. California Spring Water

Also available in 8 oz., 12 oz., and 23.7 oz.

Five powerful business enhancing campaigns built into one! Each campaign becomes a new ally for the advertising & marketing budgets of WineryRow clients.  We provide an approach which garners new business cultivated from your own backyard, and for just pennies on your marketing dollar.  WineryRow offers a unique marketing program; one which will yield an increased bottom line for you in 2014.  This program is a profit center not an added cost.  Consider the thousands of dollars it would cost to outsource a marketing company to create from scratch any of these five campaigns.  WineryRow shares it for free!

To grow in 2014 and beyond, companies and organizations must think out of the box. The WineryRow program is a turn-key out of the box marketing program ready for immediate implementation.


The five power campaigns in one are as follows: 

1)     Increased Sales Campaign
2)    Positive Public Relations Campaign
3)    Extended Branding Campaign
4)    Dynamic Local Direct Advertising Campaign
5)    Be Green & Earth Friendly Campaign

All five campaigns engender positive results.  Results can be easily quantified with any client, hence proving that private label California Spring Water is a profit center not a cost.  Let’s break down all five campaigns as to how they apply to auto dealerships as a good example:

16.9 Oz. - California Spring Water/ Purified Water
Be Green - Recycle

New Earth Friendly RPET Water Bottle

1 Pallet of 72 Cases = 1,728 Bottles
24 Bottles Per Case

$11.28 per Case or .47 Per bottle. (East Coast add .10 per bottle)
$812.06 per Pallet + $86.40 CRV as required by CA Law for intrastate shipments.

California Spring Water, add .02 per bottle.

Be Green - Recycle

Earth Friendly RPET BOTTLE
Made of 100% recycled beverage bottles.
Be Green - Recycle Be Green - Recycle

Learn more about the Earth Friendly RPET Bottle

*Available in CA, AZ, NV, OR, & WA.

Freight $80 to $125 for CA. AZ. & NV.

One-Time Printing Plate Fee of $150

1/2 Pallet Minimum Order
$.16 extra per bottle for 1/2 Pallet Orders

50% Deposit on 1st Order - Reorders Net 15
Creative Art & 4 Color Process Waterproof Labels at No Charge

Flat Caps: Red, White, Blue, Black, Clear, Pink, Lime Green - No Charge
Sport Caps: White or Blue, add .04 per bottle

**Some areas may require an additional freight surcharge.
  1) Increased Sales Campaign:
We have been told by front line auto sales people, that having their own private label water sells more autos.  We are told that the offering of private label California Spring Water keeps the prospective buyer in the showroom longer; the more time they stay equates to more autos sold each month. They say the prospective buyer feels an obligation to not to just take the water and run.  When the salespeople offer the water, they tell us that they crack open the cap à la a champagne bottle. A little panache goes a long way.


Alone, the Increased Sales Campaign applies to any business with a showroom where the more time that the prospective buyer spends in the showroom, the better the odds they will purchase there and not with a competitor. 

  2) Public Relations Campaign:
Auto dealers have many types of special sale events during the year and use water as a public relations tool. Having fresh California Spring Water in a Green Friendly bottle at these events, on its own, provides positive public relations for the local dealer. Go Green! Recycle, recycle, and recycle!  Green & Earth Friendly are very hot buzz words.
Alone, the Public Relations Campaign applies to any business seeking to enhance their image in the local community.

3) Extended Branding Campaign:
Ever notice how many water bottles you see on a daily basis?  They are everywhere.  Don’t you think that being everywhere is a great place to extend ones branding?   Private label water is omnipresent worldwide.  As a positive green branding vehicle, we give our clients more bang for their buck! With so many auto businesses’ fighting to make a comeback in their given marketplace in 2013, it is our task to help them think out of the box when spending their marketing dollars.  Remember, WineryRow is first and foremost a marketing company.  Private Label Water is simply the catalyst to making all five Campaigns excel!

The Extended Branding Campaign applies to any business seeking to disseminate their brand into the local community.

  4) Dynamic Local Direct Advertising Campaign (at a fraction of the normal cost):
Think about all the direct advertising which pervades our society every minute of every day.  WineryRow’s focus is local advertising and nothing more.  Most business in this country is of a local nature.  WineryRow’s focus is all about using this five-in-one program on a local basis.   Any local event in the community is a prime venue in which to provide private label California Spring Water as a direct advertising vehicle; a venue where the water becomes ubiquitous and sticky.  What other form of direct advertising is this potent??  Recycle this empty bottle and receive some form of a meaningful discount to bring this individual into your realm of business. The more bottles put into the right hands means more sales for your business in 2013!  Auto dealerships are always attempting to lure customers to their showroom and service facility. By donating California Spring Water to all kinds of local events they secure an on-going presence with all those attending the event.
  5) Be Green & Earth Friendly Campaign:
One of the most important and heralded imperatives of our times is that of becoming more earth friendly.  These words are spoken or written daily around each and every one of us 24/7.  It is a campaign which any organization can be proud to be associated with.  The ubiquitous Green movement is gigantic; anything you can do to get your organization on the band wagon will beget only positive things.  Our 8oz., 12oz.,16.9oz, and 23.7oz. RPET bottles demonstrate, along with actions, a commitment to the cause.  It is an interactive program.  Only 33% of plastic is recycled. Green goes hand-in-hand with auto dealers, as many new cars today are promoted as green.  Every WineryRow client should have recycling bins on their property.

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